The Ziwyggl is a  brown Smuilian transport ship over 400-years old that has been cobbled together from several different vessels so that it bares little resemblence to its original design. It was used in 314AE by Ejjina Mexonber-Quad to transport her across the Alliance as part fo her Quad quest. At the time the ship was also being used to transport cattle and was noted for the awful smell that filled the ship.

Passengers were kept in the forward section of the ship, cargo in the aft. Quarters were simple and basic and there was a communal mess hall to eat in.

It had been given scathing reviews on uplink by previous passengers.

Crewmen included:

While Ejjina was on board the ship stopped at several worlds, including:

The ship was also victim of two seperate attacks, One by pirates and one by the Cameron Syndicate.

For a time Ejjina Mexonber-Quad was elected the "Acting-Captain," and it was this that solidified her dream to be a starship Captain someday.

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