In 326AE:


Late in 326AE Grand Federal Preator Lukaz found that much of his cabinet, and the wider Ra'Shain government, were corrupt and removed all of them from their position intending to replace them with "servants worthy fo the Ra'Shain people." A few days laetr he was assassinated. The resulting vaccuum in power was momentarily siezed by the Ra'Shain military, but many disposed government officials opposed and after a few more days the chaotc situation resulted in the Alliance, Oferan and toher alien powers from pulling their officials and ambassadors back from Ra'Shain space. Within two weeks the first shots were fired and the Ra'Shain Civil War was in progress. No information was available on the size and strength of the dozens of factions vying for power, the make up of the factions seemed to change on a daily basis and pirates and criminals made a fortune in siezed military and civilian goods, selling weapons, food, medicines, and spare ship parts.

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