In 313AE a number of events occur, namely as it is the starting point for the first Seraphic Chronicles book, Rhapsody.


Ejjina Mexonber-Quad has her braces removed for the final time.

Accompanying Avenant Dru'Pala'Siro from the Greater Haggleton High School Homecoming Dance Ejjina Mexonber-Quad defends herself against some street thugs and is saved by Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi. He is impressed with her.


Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi begins supply-teaching at Greater Haggleton High School.

Hillon and Paretta Mexonber are both murdered by the dos Garcia Cartel.

Ejjina Mexonber-Quad receives her inheritence money, the apartment in Resolute and has all her family debts paid off by her parents life insurance. She confirms the building of the Dream of the Seas and buys out the rest of the log cabin in the Talloth Mountain Range.

Hillon and Dr Paretta Mexonber laid to rest in the Greater Haggleton Cemetary.

Ejjina Mexonber leaves Baraben Prime on her Quad Quest under the tutelage of Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi and in the company of Bhutan Jii.


King Consort Horace Birith dies.


Ejjina Mexonber faces the Trial of Blood on Olibower III. The experience almost kills her and she takes weeks to recover.

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