The Vondrasha are the elite fighting force, warrior priests and bodyguard of the Sarafid Dowd'i royal family.

The Vondrasha is commanded from the Vondrasha High Command which is based within the Sarafid Shah Citadel in Ellkip on Whereev Mellon.

The Vondrasha are greatly feared by those outside the Kingdom for their fearlessness, ruthless and merciless tactics that they have earned the nickname "the angels of death."

The Vondrasha is split into several corps, each dedicated to protecting and serving a member of the Sarafid Dowd'i Royal Family either on the throne or able to inherit it, the r'Vondrasha, b'Vondrasha, p'Vondrasha, y'Vondrasha and the w'Vondrasha.

They take blood oaths upon joining, swearing eternal loyalty to their assigned leader and family member. Despite this, occasionally one Vondrasha will switch from one corps to another, but this is usually seen as a great mark against them, and sometimes even reflects on their leader badly.

The Vondrasha corps adopt the colour of their leader, and are tattooed to match.

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