Tiffany Knowles was a female human who attended Star Command Academy on Baraben Prime in 314AE.

She was from Le Dex in the Cester System where she lived with her father and step-mother, whom she did not get on with.


She was studying piloting as her major. Her starfigher call sign was "Dark Angel. "

One of her best friends was Seth Jones whom she went to Basic Training with. She became a close friend of Ejjina Mexonber-Quad whom she moved in with as a house guest in her Golding home in the third semester.

In 315AE she started a relationship with Alexander McDougal.

Her Cadet Cruise was as a menber of the pilots corps in the Cester Home Guard in 316AE.

Upon her graduation she transferred to Baraben Prime to be a pilot and moved in with Alexander in Ejjina's Resolute apartment.

The Birth of a Starship

She is considered one of the top pilots in the Royal Baraben Home Guard and taught dogfighting to cadets in 325AE.


In 326AE, now a Leftenant, she transferred aboard the ScSS Banabhatta at the requesto Captain Ejjina Mexonber-Quad to take up the position of Chief Pilot Officer. She travelled aboard the Dracovia to the Banabhatta alongside Kiew Hhung So and Alexander McDougal.

During the Podrink 452 Incident she was left in command of the Banabhatta as the crew went into the Nostluhk facility on Cancri and then flew the Banabhatta away and through the Podrink 452 Skirmish.

Then she led the Starfighter wing during the Battle of AGC R47Alpha. Her starfighter was damaged and she was left behind to die as the Bsnabhatta had only moments to escape. She had just found out she was pregnant.

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