Swynen Dru'Yo'Alenn was a B'ra'Sha native of Baraben Prime who did her Basic Training at Camp Berlinsberg on Baraben Prime in 314AE. She first appears in Kingmaker.

When she was young she was linked by Psyren'a to a boy who was to be her betrothed husband. But he ultimately fell in love with someone else and te connection was severed.

She was in Squad Delta-06.

She did not get on personally with Ejjina Mexonber-Quad and had a prejudice against the Quad.

She refused Ejjina's help at all turns in Basic Training.

She is an expert shot.

She has a fear of flying.

She was partically trained as a doctor when she started Basic Training. She was a couple of years away from being qualified when she had run out of money, so joined Star Command so they would foot the bill for her training. She intended to attend the Academy and become an officer.

During the BEaST she saves the life of Benjamin Butler after a polar bear attack. Her review was good and she was accepted to Star Command Academy to stuy Xeno-Medcine as her major.

At the Academy she shared a room with Ejjina Mexonber-Quad, Kiew Hhung So and George ?  in her first year in the Countess New Hampshire Building.

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