Susa, Susalla System, Cameron Courseway Delta Quadrant, Sector 942CP Perseus Arm, Bregenna Expanse

Susa is a planet in the Susalla System on the Cameron Courseway situated between the Imperial Oferan Empire and the Bregenna Expanse. It is almost totally dominated by the Cameron Syndicate. It is known to be the richest planet in the galaxy with citoes made of gold and designed by incredible artists and technicians.

The Cameron Courseway bottlenecks at the Susalla system meaning tarvellers have to go through the system. The system's government charge people to travel through the system and this, along with other factors, has made them the richest system in the galaxy. "The Wealth of Susa" is a well known saying amongst "Old Spacers."

The system has two habited planets.

The Susa Orbital System guides people in and out of the planet in shuttlecraft.

Everyone on Susa is super-rich and can afford the very best. But also dangerous in the extreme and sinful as can be.

The advanced technology the planet seems to make is reportedly based on handed down Si'La technology.

Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi has been there and recommends the beaches and a local dish called "Turtle Surprise."

The City of Squeerres is on Susa and is home to the Wupupi Building.

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