Stirling McDougal was a male human Star Command officer from Inpu in the Baraben System.

He was born in 295AE.

He attended the Star Command Academy in 314AE and was on the same engineering course as Kiew Hhung So as his Major, minoring in Piloting. Before attending he attended a Prepatory Course on Inpu where he passed he qualified as a shuttle pilot. He is always jotting engineering ideas down in a PCS.

He was a member of the Royal White Tigers.

His starfighter call sign was "Mop Head" due to his untidy hair.

In 316AE he spent his Cadet Cruise as an engineer on the ScSS Lincoln. He did so well that the Lincoln requested he be assigned there when he graduated. He went back as Night Watch Assistant Chief Engineer.

Before garduation he was assaulted by the Cameron Syndicate, but escaped relatively unharmed.

His twin brother was Hamish McDougal, his cousin was Alexander McDougal.Their collective grandfather was a Star Command officer.

He was a member of Academy football team.

He is an Oysoyer United fan.

He and his cousin and brother were known to be selfless, doing charity work, buying peple thoughtful presents and helping people with their studies. He is always at the centre of attention, the heart and soul of every party and when he leaves it feels liek the party is over.

He had dark brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. He is always the slightly grubbier of the two brothers.

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