Sophina Ejogo is a human born in 314AE whose parents have died. Her mother died in a pirate attack in 316AE and her father died in 328AE in a mining franchise accident.

She has since gone to live with her grandfather, Ali Ejogo, who had already agreed to host Tonga Braakl.

Screaming Into The Night Edit

In February 329AE she and Tonga Braakl arrived on the ScSS Seraphic via the transport ship Sitting Down And Reading.

Once aboard she begins exploring her boundaries, when she arrives she wears a hijab, but removes it within a few weeks as she explores her own faith and identity. This includes talking to other members of the crew, like Jaxa, Son of Jaxo.

Doubt That The Stars Are Fire Edit

By Ques it has been noted just how much the young lady is growing as a person.

The Kingdom of Skulls Edit

In Ques she is discovered to be pregnant and is suffering from morning sickness. Her secret lover, Jaxa, Son of Jaxo is the father.

Although she is below the age of consent she refuses to press charges against him, insisting she was the instigator. She wants to keep the baby and the two of them, along with Tonga Braakl, agree that they should raise the baby as a family.

The Mists Edit

In Rabcyella 329AE she is seen heading towards a shelter along with Tonga Braakl and Dagmara Shevchenko ahead of battle with the pirate ship The Mai Nation Will Rise.

Personality Edit

She is strong willed and independent.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has coconut coloured skin and a squashed nose.

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