Shyan, Daughter of Ro'Nath of the Ro'Shan Servant House in service of House Maybayer born in 291AE on an Oferan colony world. She is an Oferan who works as an executive hostess aboard starships, a career she hoped to continue even once she married.

Rhapsody Edit

In 313AE she befriends Ejjina Mexonber-Quad while on a "gap year" seeing some of the galaxy.

In late 313AE her parents arranged for her to marry In'ohe, Son of Inonahe, fifth son of Lord Inonahe, head of an Independent House.

In 314AE a new suitor, Radatu, Son of Radyama, won her hand in marriage, he was an Independent House Lord, fifty years her senior. The House of Grugatyar had over 1-million subjects and a logistics company. She planned to have a child as soon as she was married.

Soon after the wedding she announced she was pregnant, expecting a son. Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi had agreed to tutor the child when he was old enough. Her son, Bytu, Son of Radatu was born in Ustinoq 315AE.

Kingmaker Edit

By 316AE she was enjoying motherhood and the perks of her position in Oferan society.

She speaks fluent Amglish.

She is considered an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman.

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