Serena Maria Arroyo de Lauda (nee Serena Maria Arroya Garcia) was the Assistant-Chief Engineer and Beta Watch Chief Engineering Officer of the ScSS Seraphic from 329AE.

She got married to a fellow sports enthusiast in a quick whirlwind romance whilst at Star Command Academy, but they divorced within a year realizing it was a mistake. She kept his name to remind herself not to rush into big decisions but cannot always help herself. Whilst at the Academy she dabbled in music and when "The Black Hole" nightclub opens aboard the SCSS Seraphic she becomes the unofficial DJ.

Screaming Into The Night Edit

In 329AE she came aboard the ScSS Seraphic as Assistant Chief Engineer. She immediately became a part of The Wild Bunch social group and became romantically entangled with Jovan Johnson with whom she started a sexual relationship.

She begins to work closely and well with Sorvel, Son of Yuvel within the engineering department.

Doubt That The Stars Are Fire Edit

In Ques 329AE she attends the wedding of Andre Ivanovich and Jonathan Ojah as Jovan Johnson's date.

The Kingdom of Skulls Edit

During The Battle of Whereev Mellon she worked in engineering. She was awarded the Golden Tear of Sor Lois for her actions in the battle.

Eulogies Edit

In Erya 329AE she was seen in the rebuilt Four Castle with Running Bear, Andre Ivanovich, Casikus Dru'Ins'Toh, Mohammed Al-Habsi and Xivi al-Habsi. She keeps trying to make eye contact with Jovan Johnson whom she wants to enter a relationship with.

Duquam (book) Edit

It is revealed he greeted Jovan Johnson, Veri Dru'Heirt'Odii, Selena Gomez, Andre Ivanovich and Nadia Ivanova on Christmas Eve 328AE as they came aboard the ScSS Seraphic along with Bhutan Jii, Sorvel, Son of Yuvel and Pressia Dru’Jye’Olto.

She is instantly attracted to Jovan Johnson.

By Syropha 329AE she is bonding with Jovan Johnson over weight-lifting in the gym and watches football with him and Sorvel, Son of Yuvel. It is obvious to Sorvel, Son of Yuvel that she still wants a relationship with Jovan Johnson.

When the Fifth Pillar Element shuts down the ScSS Seraphic she helps fight it in engineering and then leads a team to find the element in the lower decks.

Phoenix Edit

In Syropha 329AE she celebrates the engagement of Rachelle Varadin and Casikus Dru'Ins'Toh in the Pepa Willio Bar on Polonkip.

When the Cameron Syndicate invade the Itzamna System she leads a team to the SSV Ustama Poorer to upgrade its systems for battle.

Awards Edit

Golden Tear of Sor Lois - Awarded in Ques 329AE for her involvement in The Battle of Whereev Mellon.

Personality Edit

She is a keen sportswoman and particularly enjoys working out with weights, being something of an amateur bodybuilder. She is also something of an amateur DJ.

She is friendly, focused and a little obsessive about her few chosen areas of interest.

She has a great aptitude for engineering but lacked faith in her abilities.

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