The ScSS Yakiss is an Exudys Class starship and the in 314AE was the flagship of the Admiral of the White, Admiral Guinevere Bourbon, and the Eighth Fleet.

It was named for an ancinet B'ra'Sha King.

By 316AE it was on the forefront of the changes expected from the BuTani Overview. It had navy carpets and white walls and used Pybot's to clean and for routine maintenance.

The commanding officer of the ship is Captain Jun. The XO is Commander Stark, the Night Watch CO is Leftenant Rashid.

Deck One

Main Bridge, Captain's Office, Briefing Room

Deck Two

Control and Information Centre (upper)

Deck Three

Control and Information Centre (lower level), Admiral's and Attache's Quarters

It has a bar, a gym, a swimming pool, cargo bays and a shuttle bay.

One of the shuttles is called the Precious Princeling.

In mid-316AE the Yakiss was recalled to the Royal Baraben Prime Shipyards to undergo re-fitting, the cargo bays being removed and replaced with starfighter bays.

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