The Sarafid'Dowd'i are a humanoid species native to Whereev Mellon in the Bregenna Expanse. They are the native species of the Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom.

They are famous for their lack of hair, head tattoos, all white eyes and the ability some of them have to fly.

When they are first contacted by the Alliance in 329AE they are a long way behind the Alliance and Oferan technologically. Their ships are powered by a source similar to what the Yinji-Sinhindrea had used fifty years prior.

Biology Edit

The Sarafid Dowd'i have no hair, they are completely bald and their eyes are all white.

They are known to be able to tolerate cold temperature easily, their body producing a natural antifreeze into their blood.

They have three fingers and a thumb on their hands. Their bones are similar to birds, lightweight, but reinforced with a naturally occurring carbon fiber.

In the dark their skin reveals spirals of bio-luminescence.

History Edit

250,000-years ago they were an emerging race and were attacked by the Naz'Jil's and protecting by the Pyntaxian's, who they worshiped as Fire Gods. According to the ancient religious texts the Pyntaxian's ghostly form was a gift from the Phoenix and their job had become to usher the souls of the dead to become one with the Phoenix.

At around the time of the Pyntaxian's Great Change they were involved in a massive war, probably nuclear which "scorched the skies." This took them back to the stone age and they had to completely rebuild their culture. This became known as the Burning of Whereev Mellon.

They have been at war with the Tincarma for 70-years.

Culture Edit

The Sarafid Dowd'i are split into five different nations, Parath Darq, Schwen Shaph, Oj Magoo, An Tarqi Aa and Lew Whis, each has a slightly different culture to the others.

It is tradition for those in certain positions within the Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom to add ceremonial tattoo's. Each tattoo, and even the colour, having a meaning. The royal family have black, the Master of Keys has black tattooing around the eyes, and the Vondrasha have tattoo's tied to whichever corps they are sworn to. The Sarafid Dowd'i Military have green tattoo's.

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