The Royal White Tigers are a Cadet Squad at Star Command Academy on Baraben Prime.

Originally known as the White Tigers after a mountain rescue team in North Kriska hundreds of years before. A mamber of the team had become one of the Kingsguard and ultimately its commander. When Locator Hubs made mountain rescue teams a thing of the past he transferred the name to the Academy so the name and history would not die out.

The crest of the White Tigers consists of the face of a white tiger with crimson eyes, tying it to the Royal Baraben Home Guard. Underneath is the Squads motto in Esperanto "Laboremo gojo kaj kurago." ("Hard Work, Joy and Courage.") When they are rechristened the Royal White Tigers a golden crown is added to the top of the head.

The "Royall" was added when Duchess Ejjina Mexonber-Quad was made Squad Leader in 314AE.

Other members of the Squad included:

Crest of the Royal White Tigers

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