The Royal Baraben Prime Shipyards are a group of facilities in orbit of Baraben Prime dedicated to the design and construction of new starships. They are amongst the most respected shipyards in the Alliance. They are positioned in extreme high orbit of the nothern pole of Baraben prime to avoid space traffic and the Broken Moon of Baraben Prime.

Over fifty ships are capable of being built here at once.

The shipyard is split into a number of "platforms" each of which can build a starship. Each platform is named for a past member of the Baraben Prime royal family, such as the Pevnzy Platform.

Many Pegasus and Poseidon Class starships, inclduing the ScSS Seraphic, were designed and built here.

The facility is owned and operated by the Baraben Prime Royal Family parent company Royal Sangria, whose ProFly Industries company has a military contract, but they also build thousands of civilian contracts as well, not only from the Alliance, but other space faring powers such as the Smuilian Confederacy and the Imperial Oferan Empire.

In 318AE they won a contract to help design and build Pegasus and Poseidon Class starships for Star Command. The first part of this was wotking with ProFly Industries on the Hammerwing support craft and the overdrive core.

In the summer of 320AE two Pegasus Class starships began construction here.

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