The Rainbow Order, also known as the Kingsguard, is the personal guard of the Baraben Prime Royal Family.

They are all officers and NCO's taken from the Royal Baraben Home Guard and each of the seven members of the Order lead a team of Royal Secret Service agents.

A member of the Quad started the Kingsguard 500 years ago.

The seven members of the Order are named for the seven colours of the rainbow, led by the Red Knight, the others are known as the Orange Knight, Yellow Knight, Green Knight, Blue Knight, Indigo Knight and Violet Knight. The Violet Knight is a ceremonial position filled each year by the best Cadet from the Star Command Academy the previous year. It is a tremendous honour for the Cadet in the final year of thei education as it is a high visibility assignment that allows them to show their abilities to a wide variety of people.

Whenever someone joins the Kingsguard, for long or short term, they also joing the sister order of the Queensguard, which they never leave. As a symbol of this they wear a large sapphire pendant around their neck as part of their Kingsguard uniform, but also as part of their Star Command dress uniform for the rest of their careers.

The Kingsguard is a highly ceremonial position, and their uniform reflects this, with each piece having a meaning and history. Many people who do notunderstand this find the uniform to be almost comical.

In 315AE the Kingsguard are:

Red Knight - Captain Xellon Reh'Olo'Rae

Orange Knight - Commander de Silva

Yellow Knight - Leftenant Patel

Green Knight - Captain Veerhoven

Blue Knight -

Indigo Knight - Verte

Violet Knight - Cadet, Second Class, Ejjina Mexonber-Quad

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