Quetico City is the capital city of Quetico Province on Baraben Prime. It is home to 3.5-million people.

The football franchinse the Quetico City Panthers are based here.

Hillon Mexonber and Kristopher Bergkamp worked here as deputy-district attorneys.

It is the location of Quetico City General Hospital.

The headquarters of the Quetico City Gazette are here.

The city is twinned with the city of Montonomayer on Pretoyas.

The roughest area of the city is the Shambala Estate, also known as "The Shambles." This is where Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi made his home when he lived on the planet in 313AE.

The criminal gang the E-Nigma's were responsible for much of the crime in the city.

The city was known to be rife with corruption where drug cartels ran the streets until Ejjina Mexonber-Quad returned from her Quad Quest and took down those in government who were corrupt using evidence she had taken from the Cameron Syndicate and then brought down the cartel leaders making the city a safer place.

The province has tarditionally been a stronghold of the Baraben First Conservative Party, until Tezch Kegeen Birith's election in 316AE.

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