A Quad Quest is the name given to the galaxy spanning adventure a Quad Potential is taken on by a Quad Grandmaster in order to unlock the Quad magic within them and join the Quad Order.

The Quest begins when a Potential agrees to attempt to join the Quad, only about half are successful in getting to the end of the Quest. They then begin to study under the Grandmasters guidance and saturate their body with Aleptonit.

They must endure three trials, the Trial of Blood, which tests their body beyond mortal realms, the Trial of Cunning, which tests their increasing mental abilities, and the Trial of Fear, which tests to see if they have the spirit to become a Quad.

If they survive, and pass, these three Trials the Aleptonit turns and they are ready to go to Neva'Eh and face the Grandmasters.

The Grandmasters will put the Potential through a forth test, questioning them with "the big questions" and seeing whether they are able to join. Their answers to thes eimpossible to answer questions determine whether they pass this final test and can join the Quad.

The final obstacle is death. In order to join the Quad Order a Potential must drink he poisonous Fire Nectar through a special goblet, 10-billion years old, and die. Many Potentials refuse to take this test, and of those that do, half of them are not able to be resucitated. Those that are resucitated are reborn as Quad.

They are branded with the mark of the Quad, build their Way-an and are given codes of the Fountain of Knowledge. They now have a magical quality about them, they are able to do almost anything they set their minds to and their lifespans are enlongated and their powers grow as they do.

Only about a quarter of those who start the Quad Quest complete it to become Quad. And Potentials are rare. Someone has to be invited to join the Quad, and most of those that accept the challenge die in the attempt. If they fail or refuse a task and return to their home life their burgeoning powers fade and most of them end up commiting suicide, unable to live a "normal" life anymore.  

The Quad Quest of Ejjina Mexonber-Quad is covered in Rhapsody.

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