Pretas is a moon in orbit of the gas giant Unther in the Second Frontier of the Alliance on the Sheldoor Spaceway.

The population of the moon is over 3.5-billion people.

Pretas was found, just before the dawn of the Alliance, and people marvelled as it did not require any terraformng to make it habitable.

The moon has more land than sea. The temperature drops when the moon goes behind Unther and cannot see the sun.

Weeks after the first pioneers arrival on the world they found tuins of the Si'La. Studying the remaining Si'La artifacts has allowed for many breakthroughs, such as Artificial Intelligence in the 150AE's and then Locators and Arcades in the 250AE's.

It is a hub for trade and commerce due to its favourable location between the Frontier Rim and Core Worlds on a major spaceway.

It has one of the highest unemployment rates in the Alliance outside the Outer Rim. Because their economy was based on manufacture and agrilculture, and the emergance of Pybot's and Arcades destroyed these markets.

In orbit is the Angel Class space station Station Lekwinoq Red.

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