Piloting is a subject at Star Command Academy which teaches Cadets how to fly anything from Aerocars up to massive starships.

They must gain their wings in order to ve a qualified pilot. WIngs are a badge worn on their uniforms, a circle of seven stars with their pilot class number inside and wings on either side.

Class Six Pilot Wings

In order to pass the first level they need to spand 10-hours in a simulator with the head instructor and 30 hours in Griffin Class shuttles with qualified instructors. After this they have an exam in which they take the shuttle through pre-flight checks, fly out of a hanger bay into space, go through exam manoeuvres, take the shuttle back in on manual thrusters and then land in the hanger.

The second Level requires them to spend 30 hours flying in an atmosphere and 30 hours flying in and out of an atmosphere. The first exam required them to take off from ground level, fly through a city avoiding traffic, go up through the atmosphere into  standard orbit and then reverse the course abck down to the ground. They then have to pass a routine maintenance test and then the Final Flight, which saw them fly by instrument only, take off from the ground, fly through a city, out of the atmosphere, dock with a space station or starship in orbit and then fly back down to the ground.

If they pass all their tests and exams and complete the 96 hours of flight time they are awarded their Sixth Class Pilot Wings which are worn on the right arm of their uniforms.

Class Five Pilots Wings

Cadets are required to pass 66-flight hours in the Starfighter. The first 6 hours are spent in a simualtor learning hwo to be launched from and reload a starfighter from a starship, they the take an exam to prove they are capable of doing this. After this they spend 30-hours in space alongside an Instructor. It is during this period that Cadets are assigend their "Call Sign."

They then spend a further 30-hours practicing dog-fights and live wepaons training.

Their test at the end seems them launch from a starship, fly in formation, fire on a derilict vessel and then return to the ship and take place in a simulated dogfight.

If they pass the tests and the 66-hours flight time they are awarded their Fifth Class Pilot Wings.

Class Four Pilots Wings

Cadets must spend a number of hours at the helm of a starship in space.

They are tested to prove they can navigate at overdrive, control a ship and make on the fly course changes, drop safely from overdrive, enter orbit of a planet and fly in formation with other starships.

Class Three Pilots Wings


Class Two Pilots Wings

This is what is required to become an Orbital Control Pilot.

Class One Pilot Wings

What is classed as an "Ace Pilot"

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