Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi is a B-human Quad Grandmaster who found and trained Ejjina Mexonber-Quad and Enasis Secronaa-Quad, he was trained by Rahn the Wanderer.

History Edit

He was once married to a beautiful woman called Yasmina Yecroocs. They lost three babies to miscarriage before she die of Laursen Syndrome in 298AE.

He works as a substitute teacher throughout the Alliance. However he also took work for Great Lords in the Imperial Oferan Empire, he had tutored allo three of Lord Aaquin's children.

He has been through the Susa System and picked up a PCS there with many special features not found in regular Alliance versions.

Rhapsody Edit

In 309AE he was involved in an "incident" on Brakkus with Rahn the Wanderer. He also took Enasis Secronaa-Quad on her Quad Quest.

The Kingdom of Skulls Edit

In Ques 329AE he was working in the Outer Core of The Alliance.

Personal Information Edit

He used the highly technical Dragon Style in his martial arts in formal situations, but often uses a mixture as anything.

His Way-an is a long broadsword and has a purple flame.

He is a Muslim.

He also trained the Quad Potential's Dushab of Paplin and Pryag, Dushab made it to the Trail of Cunning before hearing the Psyren'a's Song, which caused him to fail the task, he committed suicide soon after, Pryag was a Sky Marshall who took a leave of absence to complete the Quest, he got to Neva'Eh and failed to impress the Quad'Chi and committed suicide upon returning home.

Physical Appearance Edit

He has brown eyes.

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