Pan Roth is a Sarafid Dowd'i and member of the r'Vondrasha.

He is well respected amongst the Sarafid Dowd'i having won many battles against the Tincarma.He has been mentored by Jun Mo.

He is suspicious of the Master of Keys Can Jii and hates the Cameron Syndicate influence on his people.

In his youth he served under the legendary Bah Ba in the previous Sarafid Shah's guard alongside Onio Noki, and although they have been in different Vondrasha divisions since and they have drifted apart, there is still respect between them.

The Kingdom of Skulls Edit

His ship, the SSV Zanam Twazk is under attack by the Tincarma when they are saved and make first contact with the ScSS Seraphic. He is the second in command of the r'Vondrasha.

Upon returning to Sor Lois he found his mentor Jun Mo had been killed and he was raised up to Master of the R'Vondrasha.

Phoenix Edit

In Syropha 329AE he attends the security briefing for the Federated Territories Agreement signing.

He leads Xee Xar and the other R'Vondrasha to the Tower of the Phoenix. They walk into an ambush and manage to fight their way through, but Pan Roth's throat is slit as he kills the final opponent.

He is transferred to the ScSS Seraphic for emergency surgery, but dies.

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