Omorthan is an albino Oferan in the service of War General Auxor and the House of Nuruodo.

History Edit

He was raised in an orphanage within his House and trained as a skilled warrior, something he has become highly adept at, but his albino status means he is shunned by most Oferan and thus he is relegated to doing many undesirable, and sometimes illegal, tasks that Auxor requires.

Screaming Into The Night Edit

His service has been rewarded and by 329AE he is the "assistant" of War General Auxor, a position that puts him in the firing line of many, but he is outside the traditional chain of command and does his masters bidding, whatever it may be. He is aboard the IOEV Great Destiny when it is sent to intercept the ScSS Seraphic and Ibudab. He is grief stricken to hear of Ibudab's death.

Personality Edit

He is a devoted servant of the House of Nuruodo and Auxor, who he believes has saved his life by adopting him into the House and raising him. But he has a fierce loyalty to Ibudab and his religion which is in stark contrast to Auxor.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is easily identified by his snow white skin, platinum blonde hair and red eyes.

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