General Nikolai Takowyski is a human Star Command officer who works as one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the President of the Alliance Montcalm Smallsmith, a man he does not personally like. He is married to Marina Takowyska and father of Jasmine Birith. His home world is the Alliance's central planet of Orsimo. He is a member of the Orsimo Home Guard.

In the past he has worked for Presidents Imiko Nagai and then Jhon Dru’Mai’Chow.

He is was a major opponent of the Gryar War, being one of the most vocal about the tactics used and the need for Star Command to modernise. He was a major supporter of the BuTani Overview.

In the wake of the BuTani Overview he became one of the most powerful officers in Star Command, rising to the flag rank of General and head of the Star Command Marines.

He carries a swagger stick with was a gift from President Nagai after his role in insisting the Alliance ask the Oferan for aid. The head of the stick was a representation of his home world of Orsimo, resplendent in gold and silver, with a black diamond where Omoa was situated. Inside it though was a concealed dagger that had once saved him and his wife Marina from a Gryar assassin.

Phoenix Edit

In Syropha 329AE he was at a meeting with President of the Alliance Montcalm Smallsmith discussing the Federated Territories.

He helped Li Po Yu convince Montcalm Smallsmith to allow the Tenth Fleet to interfere in the Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom on behalf of Xee Xar after the invasion by the Cameron Syndicate.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nikolai is tall and ginger haired. He has a goatee beard which is flecked with white. He keeps his thinning hair short in a military style.

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