The Midnight Nebula Quadrant Gamma, Sector 336CC Sectum-Centaurus Arm, Bregenna Expanse

The Midnight Nebula, commonly known as "The Mists" by local, is a nebula on the boarder of the Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom in the Bregenna Expanse. It looks mostly white gasses, in an unusual concentration, with little illumination provided within it from the proto-stars.

For centuries the periphery of it has been used as a hiding place for pirates. It was nicknamed the "Pale Menace" by the Pyntaxian's who believed that the ghosts of starships lingered there.

Inside the nebula thousands of ships have disappeared over the years. This is due to some microbial life forms that exist within the nebula.

The Mists Edit

In Rabcyella 329AE the ScSS Seraphic chased the pirate ship The Mai Nation Will Rise into the nebula. They engaged each other in The Encounter in The Mists and the pirate ship was destroyed.

Soon after this the Seraphic started experiencing a series of malfunctions.

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