Mrs Majorie Gruber is a human industrialist who lives on Baraben Prime. Her late husbdand ran some good-sized companies, including the Baraben Prime Press, which she has since turned into Gruber Industrial Holdings, the third largest business empire on the planet. She first appears in Kingmaker.

She hates Baraben Prime, but has become stuck here and needs to see her businesses succeed in order to get away. She has been plotting her escape from the world for 50-years. She has entered into several elicit deals with the Cameron Syndicate to get her way. Her various deals and attempts to buy her way into power have left her vast business empire on the brink of bankruptcy, with 360 counts of litigation against her and her company, unless something is doneit will collapse within a decade.

In 314AE Ejjina Mexonber-Quad earned her wrath when she ousted Gruber for the final position in the Royal Order of the Knights of Baraben Prime, something she had finally been ear marked for after trying to buy her way into the Order for years. She needed the business contacts the Order would have allowed her to gain in order to make her business grow.  

In 314AE she was named the Senatorial Candidate for the Baraben First Conservative Party on Baraben Prime. The move prompted her to be named to the Small Council of the Grand Vizier. She believed she should have been named on the Small Council 20-years before. Inside of a few moenths she had blackmails and bribed her way to become the Consigliere of Grand Vizier An Shen Rui. When Rui died in 315AE she was named Grand Vizier by the rest fo the Small Council.

She lives in the penthouse of the Regal Imran Towers in Resolute. She also owns a skyhook called  Der Große Hammer in orbit of Baraben Prime..

She was tall, lanky, a hook nose with steel grey curls and is not an attractive woman.

She has two sons, the eldest is Heinrich Gruber, the youngest is Heinz Gruber.

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