Dr Marina Takowyska is a human Star Command officer who is one of the most famous scientists in the Alliance. She is married to Nikolai Takowyski and is mother to Jasmine Birith.

She gained fame in the 280AE's for leading the team at the Intergalactic Science and Engineering Institute which streamlined overdrive allowing new speed records to be set, literally doubling the speed of some ships from overdrive factor 10 to overdrive factor 20 and setting a new overdrive factor record, at factor 24.5. She was awarded the Interstellar Science Golden Award for this.

In 318AE she published a paper showing how the power of overdrive cores could be used to power sub-light engines, which allowed for the creation of larger and more powerful cores, such as the Duel Power Matrix, eliminating the problem of drag they created when not being used at overdrive.

Her marriage to Nikolai Takowyski solidified her place as one of the elite in Alliance society. His place as one of the top names in Star Command led to her reguarly rubbing shoudlers with the biggest names of the day, and the annual ball they began throwing on Orsimo became one of the social highlights of the calendar.

She is a legendary scientist and member of the Core Worlds elite.

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