Lushara DJango, Daughter of Raphan is the half-human/ half-Oferan daughter of Raphan DJango and Shiola, Daughter of Korath. She was born in 309AE aboard the ScSS Al-Musta'Sim. Her bother is Rahsaan DJango.

History Edit

Lushara is  very much a child of two cultures, too human to be a true Oferan, but too Oferan to be human. Because of this she has often found it difficult living in the Imperial Oferan Empire, having grown up on Alliance based starships and space stations. Despite her god looks, athletic ability and good family name, she sometimes has had to deal with the racism that exists towards hybrid-children.

Agents Edit

In 328AE her parents finally did arrange a match for her, Harasad, Son of Yarasad of the House of Bok Lysar, an Independent House. She has recently graduated from the University of Xamif with a degree in business management and gained her third toggle in the Oferan martial art of Bop Pi Pai.

After the death of Ibudab she was consumed with grief and met with Harasad, Son of Yarasad, much to the disapproval of her father.

The Cut Throat World Of Business Edit

In Syropha 329AE she was present when her father learned of the death of Como Dru’Ins’Lajeck.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lushara is a smaller, more slender, version of her mother, with paler skin and blue human eyes instead of the usual dark Oferan eyes. She is considered a exotic beauty, with lighter hair than the usual dark Oferan locks, but she retains the gills. She is strong and athletic, and holds herself with the same nobility as her mother.

Personality Edit

Lushara is a bubbly and happy young woman, proud of her heritage and fiercely protective of both sides of it. She has no qualms or prejudice about befriending people from other walks of life, be they noble or slave, which other people think strange.

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