Lord Aaquin's Pride is  two shell Vyorhesh-Class Oferan cargo transport in service of House Maybayer. It is commanded by Captain Vebrean.

As with all Oferan craft it has a huge amount of grandeur an ornamentation highlighting the history and importance of House Maybayer and giving honoured guests and high ranking members of Oferan society all the luxuries of home. The second level is designed to be a place where Ruling Families coudl feel at home. Level One is for the Captain, a privailage of rank, less ornamated, but with a personal secretary called Aringa.

In 313AE in transported Ejjina Mexonber-Quad from Shamalaba to Olibower III as part of her Quad Quest.

Shyan, Daughter of Ro'Nath worked on board as Executive Hostess of Level Two.

Yu'Dok was a member of the crew.

Ollo was a slave on board.

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