Kristopher Bergkamp is a male human Star Command NCO who lives and works in Quetico City on Baraben Prime.

Rhapsody Edit

He worked alongside Hillon Mexonber as deputy-district attorney of Quetico Province who was his oldest and best friend. He was best man at his wedding to Dr Paretta Mexonber.

When Hillon and Paretta were murdered in 313AE by a drugs cartel he and Hillon were investigating he was named guardian of their daughter, Ejjina Mexonber-Quad who calls her "Uncle Kris." He signed the paperwork to make her an adult saying she was mature enough to handle it despite being under the legal age of 18.

He disapproved of her decision to leave Baraben Prime to go and join the Quad. However as she began to send him the proof he needed to clean up the judicial system he changed his mind, although he still feared for her safety and what people would think of her.

He was promoted to the District Attorney of Quetico Province, and Master Chief Petty Officer, in 314AE  and when she returned he co-ordinated with the Sky Marshalls the evidence she got to them and then helped her take down the drug cartel in "The Talloth Blitzkrieg."

Kingmaker Edit

In September 314AE he started dating opera singer Mercedes Ljungberg.

In 315AE he had an assistant called Andreas Putin.

At Christmas 315AE he and Mercedes Ljungberg announced their engagement.

In 316AE he was shot in the leg by the Cameron Syndicate, who hoped to kill him to send a message.

By 318AE he and Mercedes were married and he was father to twin girls, Paretta and Penelope.

Screaming Into The Night Edit

By 329AE he was the Senior District Attorney of Baraben Prime's Sky Marshalls.

In January 329AE he led the team to arrest Heinz Gruber for attempting to have Ejjina Mexonber-Quad killed.

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