Kiew Hhung So is a human native of Baraben Prime. She was introduced in the book Kingmaker.

Personal Information Edit

She is from a small mountain town in South Kriska.

Her father was a computer engineer, and was always bringing home bits of Pybots which she played with. She could build a working console before she was seven and once she found aerocars she never looked back.

In 310AE she gave birth to a baby boy, Kenta Hhung So. His father wanted nothing to do with him. After his birth she buckled down at school and got better grades than before.

She has a rare genetic disorder which makes her unsuitable for cloned tissue.

Kingmaker Edit

She dreamed of serving on starships and attended the Baraben Prime branch of Star Command Academy in 314AE studying a major in starship engineering.

In 314AE she was surprised when the McDougal's arranged for her to be able to attend a surprise birthday party they organized for Kenta.

She shared a room with Ejjina Mexonber-Quad, Swynen Dru'Yo'Alenn and George Torosidis in the Countess New Hampshire Building during her first year.

In 316AE she spent her Cadet Cruise working in an aerocar repair facility for the Royal Baraben Home Guard.

She was attacked by the Cameron Syndicate and lost an arm in the struggle to defend her son. She had an artificial limb to replace it.

Upon her graduation in 316AE she was posted to an aerocar repair facility in South Kriska, mere minutes form her home.

The Birth of a Starship Edit

In 325AE she taught some engineering classes at the Star Command Academy.

Oblivion Edit

In 326AE, now a Corporal, she transferred aboard the ScSS Banabhatta at the request of  Captain Ejjina Mexonber-Quad to take up the position of Chief Engineer on a two year contract fulfilling her dream of running a starship engineering department. She travelled aboard the Dracovia to the Banabhatta alongside Tiffany Knowles and Alexander McDougal.  

By Syropha 326E she was promoted to Leftenant for her exceptional work in getting the Banabhatta up and running on a shoe-string budget. She engaged in an on-off sexual relationship with Jovan Johnson.

She worked hard to come up with ways to keep the Banabhatta flying during the Podrink 452 Incident despite massive damage to the ship, dwindling supplies and the death of many of her engineering team. Even when radiation sickness started to take her she kept working. Until The Azimov Ambush when the engineering department was opened to space and she was sucked out into space to her death.

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