Tezch Kegeen Birith is the heir to the throne of the Baraben Prime Royal Family.

He graduated from the University of Resolute with a first class degree in Political Theory.

Kingmaker Edit

In 316AE, mere days after his mothers assassination, he was elected in a landslide victory to become the Senator for Baraben Prime.

The Birth of a Starship Edit

In 324AE he awarded Bhutan Jii the Flaming Rose award.

In 325AE he met Jasmine Takowyska who he fell in love with, they eloped and married at Angel Falls on Old Earth in November 326AE.

He is a highly popular figure in the media, first nicknamed "the most eligible bachelor in the Alliance" and then as part of the "first couple of the Alliance" once he married Jasmine.

He has made no secret that he intends to stand for the office of the President of the Alliance one day.

Oblivion Edit

By 328AE he was the Senator for Exterior Affairs. During the court martial of Ejjina Mexonber-Quad he suggested she be pardoned and given command of one of the ships in Operation Open Water as a political move to appease the Oferan, but also to save her career.

Duquam (book) Edit

IN Syropha 329AE the Baraben Broadcasting Corporation reported a major political party was considering putting him forward for their presidential candidate in the following years elections.

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