Karlos dos Garcia was a human drugs cartel leader working for the Cameron Syndicate who controlled much of the dugs trade and wider illegal activities in Quetico Province on Baraben Prime. He controlled the dos Garcia Drugs Cartel.

He has two children, who he sends to private school, a skyhook in orbit of Baraben Prime, and was married to a pretty woman anmed Alexis, and owned a luxury private box at the Quetico City Panthers stadium, an army of Pybot servants and a small army of former Star Command Marines who work as his security.

He lived a life of privailaged looking like a well off businessman on the back on the misery and pain her gave to millions, and blackmailed and bribed dozens of Sky Marshalls in order to continue his reign of terror.

He was ultimately brought down in "the Talloth Blitzkrieg" in 314AE after Ejjina Mexonber-Quad collected the evidence required to remove those he had bribed from office and then new District Attorney Kristopher Bergkamp and the Sky Marshalls attacked. It took less than 10 minutes to covict him. He was sent to a penal colony in the outer system.

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