Juliet Pineche was a female human member of NightShade.

She worked alongside Anthony Littlehammer since 326AE, by 328AE they had conducted 16 successful missions together. She has a no nonsense personality. She was mentored by Ellias Mai'Shanna'Bri after applying for Star Command Marines in 222AE.

In October 328AE she is working undercover at BuTani Bank in Panjan Dior Sienna. By this point she has completed 42 NightShade missions.

Her NightShade security clearance is Pineche-Three-Sisters-Omega-Omega-Blue.

Agents Edit

In December 328AE she and Anthony Littlehammer went to Araciisia to meet Raphan DJango and get their orders for their new mission.

They were to go into the Ra'Shain Federation and gather intelligence, and ultimately manipulate the outcome of the Ra'Shain Civil War in favor of The Alliance.

The Cut Throat World Of Business Edit

In Ques 329AE she is contacted by Raphan DJango asking for a list of those Ra'Shain faction leaders who it would be best for The Alliance if they ascended to power so Como Dru’Ins’Lajeck could manipulate Wupupi-Parapas Industries into aiding them.

In Rabcyella 329AE she accompanied Anthony Littlehammer to meet with Enasis Secronaa-Quad on behalf of Como Dru’Ins’Lajeck on Taq's Caravanserai to broker a deal between her and Wupupi-Parapas Industries to support her in the Ra'Shain Civil War. The deal was successful.

Fractured Mirror Edit

In October 328AE she is working for BuTani Corp Banking and living in Panjan Dior Sienna.

Physical Appearance Edit

A good looking woman with blonde hair and green eyes and full red lips.

She wears the typical NightShade black suit cut to the latest fashions to better blend in. she always carries at least five concealed weapons on her person.

Her NightShade implants include pistol like weapons en each hand and an eye piece over her right eye.

Family Edit

She has two sisters, Gabrielle and Fleur. Her father is a bank clerk. They live on Inus Brooke.

Personality Edit

She has a no nonsense personality.

She prefers B'ra'Sha men.

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