Itzamna System,

Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom

Quadrant Delta, Sector 416AC

Sectum-Centaurus Arm, Bregenna Expanse

The Itzamna System is a star system in the Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom. It is the location of the Sarafid Dowd'i home world Whereev Mellon.

It runs extremely close to the Cameron Courseway.

System Geography Edit

The Itzamna Star is a typical star.

A gas giant called Gorsima Soya is the closest planet to the star.

Whereev Mellon is the second planet in the system. It has thee moons, the largest of which is Polonkip.

The sixth and final major planet is a gas giant called Unda Und which has several large moons, two of which have minor colonies in 329AE.

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