Isabelle Fellini (nee Cauvin) was a school friend of Ejjina Mexonber-Quad, Jaya, Penny Field and Bhutan Jii at Greater Haggleton High School.

She was in a relationship with Marcus Fellini. He proposed to her on the night of their Senior Prom. They got married on 20th Eyra 315AE at St Stephen's First Reformed Church of Mars chapel on Gist Isle. After this they move into a small apartment over a shop in Lesser Haggleton.

At Christmas 315AE she announces she is pregnant.

In 316AE she and Marcus are assualted by the Cameron Syndicate and put in hospital.

When she gives birth she has a boy named Raphael.

After graduating from high school she went to Quetico City University.

Her father is a retured Star Command NCO and had been a life guard. Her Auntie Annabelle and Uncle Tristan were well known drunks in the Kakabaka Bay area.

She is a heavy metal fan.

She has blonde hair, she usually carries some extra weight, whilst not being overweight.

She is notorious for changing her mind often.

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