The House of Aranor is an Oferan Great House. They are amongst the oldest, largest and most powerful Houses in the Imperial Oferan Empire. It is led by Lord Yuvel, the heir is Sorvel, Son of Yuvel.

Their House colours are light blue and gold. The house crest is two silver tridents, crossed in front of a deep blue sea, with three crowns laid over the top of them. This refers to the ancient line of kings from before the time of Ibudab that the House is derived from, their history as ancient sea kings and the three Emperor's.

in an instant, the ancient lineage to before the time of Ibudab, the three Emperor’s in their history, and their lineage from ancient sea kings of D’Ulib

The House language is Otatham.

The seat of power is Arilius Tower. Their throne is an ancient one, dating back to before the Empire, and is made of wood.

History Edit

They are descended from a line of ancient kings from before the empire, and is named for the second Emperor of the First Empire, First Dynasty, Aranor, meaning the House has a history going back over 16,000-years. Their house language, Otatham, is just as old. Three Emperors have come from the House.

They have holdings in almost every Oferan system, their own language, schools, hospitals, factories, media channels, sports teams, traditions, militiaries, companies and fleets.

It is one of the more ancient of the Great Houses and has a deep respect from all Oferan.

Population Edit

By 329AE here are over 600 million members of the House of Aranor, including dozens of Servant House's and Slave Houses. It is amongst the largest of the Great Houses.

Businesses Edit

The company owns and operates dozens of companies. This includes Elesi Secure Transport.

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