General Holid was an Oferan General who led an ill fated mission into the Bregenna Expanse in 311AE.

He was not a Great Lord but held a tremendous amount of respect and sway over the highest levels of Oferan society. He convinced Ibudab and Emperor Durrant to explore the Bregenna Expanse  

One hundred and two ships left under his command, six weeks later all transmissions from those ships stopped. The probes sent to find out what happened shed no light on the situation.

In 312AE six of the ship returned and attacked the Imperial Oferan Empire. They were quickly overpowered. They were all in a huge state of disrepair and had only a handful of survivors on board. All who had survived whatever ordeal they had been through committed suicide after returning home or ided of their malnutrition and/ or injuries.

Holid himself died without uttering a word once he got home.

Since then the Oferan have called the Bregenna Expanse "Holid's Bane" and believed it is cursed.

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