Hillon Mexonber was a human Star Command NCO who acted as the deputy-district attorney for the Quetico Province on Baraben Prime. He was married to Dr Paretta Mexonber and they had one daughter, Ejjina Mexonber-Quad.

He was born in 269AE in Quetico Province on Baraben Prime. He joined Star Command in 287AE. After this he was sponsrored by Star Command to study law at Quetico City university where he met Paretta, whom he started dating. They married in 294AE.

He lived in Golding with his wife and daughter and worked alongside his best friend Kristopher Bergkamp.

When he was younger in herited a time share of a cabin in the Talloth Mountain Range, he gradually increased his share in this at it was a tremendous money earner as many business executives went there for the skiing, however he could not afford to buy out the whole building as he would have wanted.

He was a qualified diver and made sure his daughter was too.

He was a big fan of the Quetico City Panthers and enjoyed going to see them with his daughter.

By 313AE he was a Chief Petty Officer in Star Command.

He was murdered along with his wife in 313AE by a drugs cartel he was investigating. He was laid to rest alongside his wife in the Greater Haggleton cemetary.

It was his example and encouragement which led his daughter into Star Command.

In 314AE Sixth Avenue in Golding was renamed Hillon Avenue in his honour.

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