Stirling McDougal was a male human Star Command officer in the Star Command Marines Corps from Inpu in the Baraben System.  He is gaining duel commissions in the Sky Marshall's and Fleet Security.

He was born in 295AE.

He attended Star Command Academy on Baraben Prime in 314AE where he entered into a relationship with Ejjina Mexonber-Quad. Before attending he attended a Prepatory Course on Inpu where he passed he qualified as a shuttle pilot.

His twin brother was Stirling McDougal, his cousin was Alexander McDougal. Their collective grandfather was a Star Command officer.

He does not play football, but canoes instead. He had been a stand out athlete and on the verge of a major football contractt when he had been in a shuttle accident and lost both his legs, he had been foced to have them regrown and re-learn to walk. He finds it too hard to play football since. He considered a career in physiotherapy after this and did a massage course as a result.

There is a McDougal family tartan which the family have kept alive, he wears it as part of a kilt at the wedding of Marcus Fellini and Isabelle Cauvin in 315AE.

In 316AE it was revealed he had cheated on Ejjina Mexonber-Quad and she ended their relationship.

After graduating from the Academy in 316AE he was posted to the Marine Corps on Inpu.

He is an Oysoyer United fan.

He was friends with Theo Carroll.

He and his cousin and brother were known to be selfless, doing charity work, buying peple thoughtful presents and helping people with their studies.

He had vibrant ginger hair, pale skin and green eyes.

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