The Greater Haggleton High School is the educational facility that covers the ages 11-16-years old in the Kakabaka Bay area.

Ejjina Mexonber-Quad, Bhutan Jii, Tamara Schloger, Jeffrey, Harrod, Penny Field, Isabelle Cauvin, Tamir, Marcus Fellini, Avenant Dru'Pala'Siro and Jaya all attended this HIgh School.

Professor Mancini taught maths at this High School, Professor Sablatnog taught grammar and Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi briefly taught here as a supply teacher.

The uniform consisted of a white shirt and grey uniform. There was also a blue plaid skirt and blue and grey neck tie.

The school had a swimming and football team. The football team was known as the Dolphins and had cheerleaders.

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