The Grand Exile was a major event in B'ra'Sha and Ra'Shain history.

After thier defeat in the B'ra'Sha civil war the Kau Nation were exiled and took off en masse in thousands of starships into space.

The leaders of the Kau Nation were at each others throats on where to go, how to proceed and who shoudl be in charge, but more than that, with hatred of everything the other nations held dear the people wnated to reshape themselves, but no one was quite sure how.

In the midst of this a man known as Drelleth (historical figure) took a Psyren'a lover, breaking the established order of things, and enciting the anger of the leaders. But his radical stance and hard line ideas gave him a great following and soon he overthrew the leaders to become the first Blud Altaqu.  

After the infidelity of his Pysren'a lover he ordered all Psyren'a, and their families, be slaughtered, removing the telepathic gene from the newly renamed Ra'Shain race.

After several hardships they briefly landed in the Nyso System before finally, after almost 70-years of travelling, landed on the planet that would be named Drelleth. Drelleth (historical figure) died less than a year after landing on their new homeworld.

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