George Torosidis was a male human who attended Star Command Academy on Baraben Prime in 314AE. His major was in physics, but he minored in computer programming.

He shared a room with Ejjina Mexonber-Quad, Kiew Hhung So and Swynen Dru'Yo'Alenn in the Countess New Hampshire Building.

He had done his Basic Training at Camp Berlinsberg as part of Alpha Unit.

In 316AE he worked on a skyhook labratory on top secret mothods of starship propulsion.

When he graduated he went to work in a lab on the Core Frontier that was allied to some Oferan Great Houses. He had to learn Oferan.

He was a member of the Royal White Tigers.

He spoke poor Amglish and mainly spoke to his friends through Esperanto.

He was sickly thin with greasy brown hair and a large nose.

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