Galactic Date is the time system used by the Alliance.

The main difference to the gregorian calandar is the months of the year, which consist of several months now named for B'ra'Sha months:

  • January (31 days)
  • February (28 days)
  • Ustinoq (31 days)
  • Ques (30 days)
  • Rabcyella (31 days)
  • Erya (30 days)
  • Syropha (31 days)
  • Bellan (31 days)
  • September (30 days)
  • October (31 days)
  • November (30 days)
  • December (31 days)

The other major change is the use of the year system AE, which stands for Alliance Era. It begins in the year 1AE when the Alliance was formed.

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