An Executive Officer (aka First Officer or Exec or XO) on a starship or other Star Command installation is the Second-In-Command.

The duties of the Executive Office include:

  • Serve as principal advisor to the commanding officer
  • Implementing the commanding officer's orders
  • preparing and issuing duty rosters (in association with the Chief Operations Officer)
  • Preparing crew evalutaions for commanding officer's inspections
  • Commanding one of the three watches per day
  • Take command when the commanding officer is absent, incapacitated, on leave or desceased
  • Lead mission teams away from the starship

In 325AE Leftenant Ejjina Mexonber-Quad was made Executive Officer of the Sovereign Star, the flagship of the Royal Baraben Home Guard defence force. Because of the rave reviews she received she was promoted to Commander and sent to become Executive Officer of the ScSS Tzenkethka.

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