Eulogies is the sixth book in Season One of The Seraphic Chronicles.
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Eulogies front cover

Blurb Edit

The ScSS Seraphic is undergoing major repairs after its trip through The Mists when Star Command request a member of the crew to help with diplomatic negotiations in the Pirec Theocracy.

Commander Xandos Orthopolis, twice jailed for betraying Star Command, must lead a team to the Pirec home world to help in bringing the Pirec into the intergalactic community.

But Sayana Dru’Ilik’Cho, of the demonic leaders of the Cameron Syndicate, has beaten him to it, and has already got Pirec religious leaders and Star Command officers under her influence, and is desperate to take over this world to re-establish Syndicate control in the Bregenna Expanse.

But in the face of temptation, can Xandos Orthopolis be trusted, or will he succumb to temptation again?

Preceded By - The Mists

Followed By - Duquam (book)

It was published on 1st October 2015.

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