Enasis Secronaa-Quad is a Ra'Shain member of the Quad Order. She was trained by Philemon Yecroocs-Quad'Chi and is considered one of the best Way-an fighters in the Order has ever seen.

She was born on Zakra in the Rydyk Precinct on the edge of the Ra'Shain Federation.

She completed her Quad Quest aged only 11-years old in 309AE. She was the second youngest Quad in history.

She has a twin brother, Enadran Secronaa, who is mentally unstable and spends a lot of his time in asylums. They share a special bond and she is the only person who is able to calm him down.

Her Way-an is curved like a katana with a single handed grip and red flame.

She joined the Ra'Shain Military in 312AE. Her tribune was Katechon, he arranged for her to go to the Federal War College on Drelleth in 314AE. At the time she was a Tarn in the Ra'Shain Military. She was exposed to petty bullying because of her Quad faith.

Rhapsody Edit

In 314AE she met and became a close friend of Ejjina Mexonber-Quad and they talk often by uplink, despite it being technically illegal for humans and Ra'Shain to talk outside of official diplomatic channels.

By 315AE she was one of the top students at the Federal War College.

Oblivion Edit

By 328AE she was married in a loveless marriage to a man 30-years her senior and was being disciplined for refusing to have children in her husband. She was a Legate in the Ra'Shain military.

The Kingdom of Skulls Edit

By Ques 329AE the Ra'Shain Civil War was in full flow and she was in charge of a small force defending the Rydyk Sector.

She was tired, undermanned and had little in the way of resources.

The Cut Throat World Of Business Edit

In Ques 329AE Como Dru’Ins’Lajeck thinks she is the best option for Wupupi-Parapas Industries to aid in trying to create a new Ra'Shain government.

She has recently defeated Rexus Secronaa to control all of the Rydyk Precinct.

The Mists Edit

In Rabcyella 329AE she went to Taq's Caravanserai, sneaking into the Bregenna Expanse through the Imperial Oferan Empire, to find supplies for her under pressure forces. She bumped into Ejjina Mexonber-Quad and they had their fortunes told by Lady Belless, who foretold that they were destined to be enemies and should stop seeing each other.

After concluding her business with two mysterious black clad humans she returned to the Ra'Shain Federation.

The Cut Throat World Of Business Edit

In Erya 329AE it was reported that she had soundly defeated Vhon Qlinqanaa and had taken control of half the Skapolna Precinct and the Indazorn Spaceway.

Duquam (book) Edit

In Syropha 329AE Star Command Intelligence reported she was not only defending her home sector, but expanding into others.

Physical Appearnce Edit

She has blonde hair and red eyes.

She has the traditional laws of Drelleth tattooed onto her forearms.

She is considered a great beauty.

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