Dru'Mani'Quam was a B'ra'Sha native of Baraben Prime and an officer in the Sky Marshalls Office.

In 314AE he was a Sergeant.

Upon Ejjina Mexonber-Quad's return to Baraben Prime from her Quad Quest in 314AE he visited her with Dru'Mani'Quam and de la Vega to inform her of her she was being made a Dame in the Royal Order of the Knights of Baraben Prime for her actions against pirates whilst on the Ziwyggl on the Spaceway Phlorentine.

A month or so later he returned to inform her that due to her actions in "the Talloth Blitzkrieg" she was being promoted to a Duchess within the Royal Order of the Knights of Baraben Prime and being awarded the Legion of Honour.

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