The dos Garcia Drugs Cartel is a Cameron Syndicate sponsored organisation that is responsible much of the illegal activity on Baraben Prime, but especially for drug running.

It is primarily run by Karlos dos Garcia, a human  who uses a small pharmacutical company as a front and lives a life of luxury.

Selak Dru'Bei'Orovis is a B'ra'Sha who works as a supply teacher in Quetico Province on Baraben Prime and gets those who teaches hooked on drugs from an early age.

Master-E is a human who pepetuates the idea that he is in fact an urban myth. He leads the gang the E-Nigma's, who are the main source of crime in Quetico City, and whose members wear a distinct facial tattoo.

Gok Ye Gon is a disgraced human former sumo wrestler who uses his quasi-celebrity status to peddle drugs to the super elite.

Dr Aquiz Reh'Xisi'Duman is a B'ra'Sha doctor who uses his position to get the weak and vulnerable addicted to drugs. He uses a large Oferan bodyguard called Omarril.

Kim Karvi, a student at Quetico City University,

Mrs Panis Dru'Lei'Fylani is a B'ra'Sha who works mostly as a direct extension of dos Garcia's power, collecting moeny from their agents in the provicne and doing much of the administration for the cartel.

The cartel is brought down in "the Talloth Blitzkrieg" in 314AE.

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