Corporeal Pyntaxian's were a race of humanoid aliens that lived on the semi-mythical world of Myajath in the Bregenna Expanse.

The corporeal Pyntaxian's began life in a lavae form. After a couple of years they enter a coccoon stage which lasts about three months before emerging as a humanoid child, they grow in a similar fashion to other humanoids after this.

The Pyntaxian's so not see as other humanoids do, seeing in another spectrum of light and breathing what many would consider a poisonous atmosphere.

The corporeal Pyntaxian's were hunted to near extinction by the Naz'Jil's, whom they considered their mortal enemies. They fought back and the Naz'Jil's attacked en masse like never before. Most of the corporeal Pyntaxian's were killed, but those that survived only did so as they evolved beyond their corporeal bodies into the Pyntaxian species that became iconic.

They had a major influence over the religions and development of several dozen worlds over the next few millennia. They defended several worlds from Naz'Jil attack before settling down in the Wishing Point Nebula in the world of Kibbuiz.

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